Storm damage

I finally got over to my parents’ yesterday. Authorities were asking people to avoid coming into town Thursday night and Friday. Oh, and we also had a little Gala to put on Friday night.

Judging by the destruction up and down their road, their house was directly in the tornado’s path, but it must not have been on the  ground when it passed over them, so they were fortunate.

Of course, when I called my Dad’s cell as soon as I heard there was a confirmed touchdown at Hudson Mills (they live less than a mile away) he was running in and out of the house collecting hail and putting it in freezer. The first thing he said when I asked if he was OK was, “We’ve got hail in the freezer!” and I’m like, “Did you put it there  or are you saying the freezer’s in the yard and it got hail in it?” He showed me the hail collection today and apologized that it had melted in the ensuing power outage and it wasn’t as impressive as it should have been. Oh, Dad.

Also, I knocked this tree down with my bare hands. The tornado may have loosened it up for me.

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