It’s always a good time… for a statewide singalong

A couple weeks ago, my coworkers and I met the executive director and sales director of the Ypsilanti CVB for lunch and tagged along with them to the Pure Michigan music video shoot in front of the water tower in downtown Ypsi.  The video highlights 50 cities in Michigan singing along to “Good Time” by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen.

It’s hard to tell from the short clip, but the Ypsi segment is complete with an Elvis impersonator, Swoop, Color Run color throwers, Beezy’s Cafe servers in togas, and flag throwers. The road had to be shut down to bring in the antique firetruck, and the director gave us instructions via megaphone – very Hollywood of course.

And the finished product:

The Ypsilanti segment is around the 3:22 mark in the video. You can’t pick us out, but we were on the hill in front of the tower. Visit Ypsi!

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