This happened.

This is the story about why I didn’t blog for a week.

There are days when all you can do is look at a coworker/friend/dog and say “This is happening. This is real life.” That happened a lot last week. For instance, last Monday some coworkers and I had this ribbon cutting to go to at a Max and Erma’s. It was a crazy busy day so I had to run out of the office at the last minute to make it in time. I tried to explain this to one of our interns:

“I have to go to a Max and Erma’s. Congressman Dingell is going to be there… at the Max and Erma’s. So I have to go take pictures.”

[blank stare]

“This is my life. This is what we do.”

That’s the longest serving member of the United States Congress. And those are costumed Max and Erma mascots. And I’m pretty sure that was a fifteen year old boy dressed as Erma because he kept feeling up the costume boobs. Meanwhile, one of my coworkers was bombing all my photos:

Can you find Katie??

We hung around for a while afterward and got balloon animals (!) and a plate of cookie dough (!!) my friend Rich sweet-talked a waitress into giving us. So, you know, typical workday.

Wednesday evening I had a speaking event at the Google office downtown for our young professionals organization (went well!) and Thursday evening the entire staff went to’s Deals and Drinks where we were giving out the Chamber’s two annual awards. Around 4:45 that day the fire alarm went off so we had to empty out a board meeting and scramble to get everything we needed for the event before we evacuated the building. And as we were standing on the sidewalk watching the fire truck pull up and juggling glass trophies and laptops and a camera while trying to locate all our staff members I thought, “This is happening. This is real life.”

And that’s why I didn’t blog last week.

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