Last night I went to Dlectricity, a new two-day art festival of outdoor light and sound installations all around Midtown.

We started out at the Detroit Science Center, where three large video projection screens on the outside of the building were displaying Whale by Jacco Olivier.

The animation morphed several of the artists paintings together in a loop of impressionist, life-size whale images. I like to think that this piece was an intentional play on the iconic Wyland whales on Broderick Tower, which are in danger of fading into oblivion.

The biggest crowd pleaser was I See You by Apetechnology:

The interactive robot sensed when someone approached and would turn and come towards them, much to the delight (and occasionally, terror) of kids especially.

By MOCAD, the Garfield Lofts were lit up with an architectural video mapping projection by NBNY:

Also outside MOCAD, I really enjoyed Rise & Fall: Repeat, a collage of absurdist videos unified by a distinct rhythm, by Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller:

My favorite piece was Knowledge is Power by NewD Media, a projection-mapped 3-D animation with live music on the facade of the Detroit Public Library.

My video doesn’t pick up the music, but it gives you a better taste of the projection:

We only made it to about 20 of the 30+ installations, but it was a great evening nonetheless. The turnout was huge, so I hope the festival returns next year. There were throngs of people on the sidewalks, and I’ve never been in so much traffic in downtown Detroit when there wasn’t a hockey game. In other cities that would only have been a frustrating inconvenience, but in Detroit it’s great to see.

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