Philippe Arreno’s H{N)YPN(Y}OSIS


I finally made it to this show at the Park Avenue Armory on the very last day. I had been excited to see it for a while. since I’d read so many rave reviews, but I also like to nap on the weekends, so, you know.

The films were wonderful, the light sculptures great, the music atmospheric and the live child actors creepy, but I did wish the overall effect was more immersive.

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Coney Island in December

2014-12-05 16.00.28-1

There’s something about bleak, winter beaches that fascinates me, and that goes double for beaches with amusement parks and boardwalk attractions that close up for the winter, making the whole place feel like a ghost town.

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Brooklyn Botanical Garden


My love of a good botanical garden is well-documented, so I was eager to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens soon after moving to New York.

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